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from A to Z

We accompany you from the first day to the finished object and create your dream house for you. We create a detailed plan, carry out all the manual work at the same time and then hand over your house to you turnkey. You tell us your wishes and we plan your own home according to your ideas. 

Interior design & renovation

A partial/complete expansion needs to be well planned. You need various craftsmen and they have to work hand in hand. We have the right professionals in Essen and at fair prices. A coordinator takes care of everything and is available to answer your questions. Whether apartment, house or the attic. Just tell us what you intend to do and we can get started.



  • Design & Execution

  • planning

  • Cost estimate


  • quality control

  • security management

  • subcontractor management

After construction

  • proof of occupancy

  • review of construction

  • guarantee

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